Happy Monday! I’m writing this from Akron, OH, visiting my parents and family. Yesterday, my mom and I ran the Pro Football Hall of Fame half marathon for the fifth time - it was blazing hot and dustry, but we did pretty well.


So while I’m not back on the West Coast until tonight, what’s going on this week?


If you’re in PDX tech:

  • Mon, 5/1: Algorithms Study Night @ Code Fellows. Come join us for the third Algorithms Study Night May 1st at Code Fellows! We will be working on two problems, an easier starter problem, and then a more complicated one. Any and all skill levels are welcome.
  • Wed, 5/3: DevOps Study Night @ AKQA. This is a continuation of the Command Line 101 Workshop @ AKQA. Once you have the foundation, we will go over DevOps command line tools and connecting them for the SysAdmin and DevOps out there.
  • Sun, 5/7: WWC Intro to Binary Exploitations Workshop @ Galios. This course peels back the layers of abstraction that normally separate you as a programmer from how your programs actually run on devices. We will go deep into detail about how computing devices work on the most fundamental levels and how knowing those details, we can leverage common errors programmers make to get their programs to do whatever we want. The workshop is mostly lecture with a detailed hands-on walkthrough of how to exploit a stack buffer overflow.

Non-Tech Events:

Promoting my usual two running meetups; if you need a crew of people to run with, come join us:


Here are a few articles, podcasts and assorted things that I’ve enjoyed over the past week — give yourself a little mental boost on your Monday morning:

Have a great week, everybody.