Happy Monday! I just got back from a nice week with the family, visiting my parents, brothers, sister and dog.

It was a balmy 80* in Akron, and being greeted by 100+* weather here in PDX was far from welcome. Fortunately, Dave and I took a trip to Cape Falcon on the coast, and got away from the heat for a bit.

Dave on the trail

Here’s what’s going on in Portland this week:


If you’re in PDX tech:

  • Tues, 6/27: Donut JS. Donut JS has some excellent speakers lined up this week, and tickets are still available (reminder: if you’re a Women Who Code PDX member, you can come for free!).
  • Wed, 6/28: Javascript Study Night. Sarah Joy, who runs the study night, is awesome and walks through a new JS tutorial once a month. We’re completing one of Wes Bos’ #JavaScript30 videos this week.
  • Thurs, 6/29: IoT Progressive Web Apps in Angular. Pretty excited about this one. We will walk through creating a simple Angular IoT application using the Kendo UI for Angular library to get started. Then we’ll see how quickly we can upgrade our application to a PWA. This workshop will be taught by Tara Manicsic (@tzmanics), a developer advocate for Progress and the Director of of Women Who Code Cincinnati.

Non-Tech Events:

Promoting my usual two running meetups; if you need a crew of people to run with, come join us:


Here are a few articles, podcasts and assorted things that I’ve enjoyed over the past week — give yourself a little mental boost on your Monday morning:

Have a great week, everybody!