Happy Monday! It’s the holiday weekend (happy 4th, everyone), so I have a little extra time to play with code that I’ve been wanting to play around with for a while. For those who like AWS, I wrote a quick blog post on AWS Lambda’s basic setup.

A quick weekend recap: I had brunch this weekend with friends, and got to meet the awesome Charity Majors (Founder of Honeycomb.io and @mipsytipsy on Twitter)!

It was a hot one in Portland on Sunday (88*!), so Dave, my friend Kate and I also went on a hike to Ramona Falls on Mt Hood, followed by a very pink beer at Ex Novo.

At the falls

Here’s what’s going on in Portland this week and next week:


If you’re in PDX tech:

  • Fri, 7/7: Hackster Microsoft Roadshow. Hackster.io, a project site for open source hardware projects, is coming to Portland on Friday, July 7th. They’re running a four hour lab focused on how to use Azure for IoT. Free food, coffee and workshop for all who attend.

  • Tues, 7/11: Portland ReactJS Lighting Talks and Hack Night. Portland ReactJS is holding a monthly lightning talk and presentation night at New Relic.

  • Thurs, 7/13: PDXNode Presentation Night. So bummed that I can’t attend this week, but if you’re free, you should. PDXNode is an awesome group, and this month they’re starting off with a friendly Node quiz! Prizes include awesome learning materials sponsored by Cloudflare (eg. Books like “Effective JavaScript” by David Herman, and “Node.js in Action” by Harter, Cantelon, Rajlich, and Holowaychuk).

  • Thurs, 7/13: WWC Networking Night @ Wieden+Kennedy - Intro to VR & Wearable Tech. Pretty excited about this one - and it’s on my birthday! Our July Networking Night will be hosted by the W+K Lodge, Wieden + Kennedy’s design engineering group. There will be a series of workshops including an Intro to VR Development, a Live Art Demo of Google’s Tilt Brush app, and a Build Your Own LED Bracelet Wearable. Come by!

    July Networking Night

Non-Tech Events:

Promoting my usual two running meetups; if you need a crew of people to run with, come join us:


Here are a few articles, podcasts and assorted things that I’ve enjoyed over the past week — give yourself a little mental boost on your Monday morning:

Have a great week, everybody!