Happy Monday!

Thursday’s Wieden+Kennedy event was a smashing success. We had great VR demos with Unity, an LED wearable workshop led by engineers of the Lodge team and a donut photo booth: a booth that printed sugar-spun icing photos onto donuts, letting you eat your own face.

LED demo
VR demo
Donut photo booth
Women Who Code donut

Thanks so much to the ladies of W+K and Women Who Code who made everything possible- and who sang “Happy Birthday” to me at the end of the event.

Here’s what’s going on in Portland this week and next week:


If you’re in PDX tech:

  • Tues, 7/18: Design and Product Study Night. Our product and design study night meets once per month at New Relic. Come share your portfolio and work on side projects with others!
  • Thurs, 7/26: JavaScript Study Night. The Javascript study night is always one of my favorite Women Who Code study nights. This week, we’ll be working through a Wes Bos tutorial and pairing on any existing projects.
  • Thurs, 7/27: PDX Node Hack Night. PDXNode Hack Nights are your opportunity to enjoy a low-pressure JavaScript-centric environment where you shouldn’t feel like you’re supposed to do anything. Hang, hack, learn, or do whatever you’re interested in doing. 🙌

While not happening this week, I also wanted to give a shout out to two upcoming longer-form conferences:

Non-Tech Events:

Promoting my usual two running meetups; if you need a crew of people to run with, come join us:


Here are a few articles, podcasts and assorted things that I’ve enjoyed over the past week — give yourself a little mental boost on your Monday morning:

Have a great week, everybody!