Highlighted Projects

Good Cents

Good Cents uses the Plaid API and banking software to allow users to collect their "spare change" from transactions (rounded to the next nearest dollar) and save that change for a larger goal or charitable donation.

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HOPS Music

HOPS Music allows people to create a new playlist based on selected friends’ recently playing songs. Users can auto-generate, name, edit and export their playlists to Spotify.

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Chart My Run

A visualization of the New York City Marathon 2016 Strava data, using Chart.js and d3 libraries. Node and a data scraper used to collect Strava data.

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'First Timer's Only'

Curriculum designed for Mozilla and Women Who Code Portland, meant to help beginning coders make their first contributions to the open source community.

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Skills & Tools

Open Source

I'm a big fan of open source, and have made it a goal this year to actively contribute more to the libraries that I use.

Here's a list of open source repos that I've either contributed to, or just really like: