Hi, I'm Keeley.

I'm a software engineer currently living in Portland, Oregon. I serve on the leadership team for the Portland chapter of Women Who Code, where I focus on creating and teaching programming curriculum that helps beginners start contributing to OSS.

I enjoy developing on the server side, speaking at conferences, baking, long-distance running, and hacking away on interesting problems. I primarily work with JavaScript, Node, React, Python, and Angular. I have strong opinions about open source, asynchronous functionality in Node (ask me about async/await), TDD, and scalability.

When not coding, I enjoy running through the mountains of the Columbia Gorge, experimenting and learning new ways to route Internet traffic, and listening to podcasts about American history.

Skills & Tools

Highlighted Projects

Good Cents

Good Cents uses the Plaid API and banking software to allow users to collect their "spare change" from transactions (rounded to the next nearest dollar) and save that change for a larger goal or charitable donation.

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HOPS Music

HOPS Music allows people to create a new playlist based on selected friends’ recently playing songs. Users can auto-generate, name, edit and export their playlists to Spotify.

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Chart My Run

A visualization of the New York City Marathon 2016 Strava data, using Chart.js and d3 libraries. Node and a data scraper used to collect Strava data.

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'First Timer's Only'

Curriculum designed for Mozilla and Women Who Code Portland, meant to help beginning coders make their first contributions to the open source community.

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I'm on the leadership team for Women Who Code's Portland chapter. We host meetups every month around algorithms/data structures, Javascript, design, React and open source contributions. We always welcome new members. Join us!


If you’re ever in the Portland, OR area, or would just like to chat, you can reach me a few different ways.

I like reading email. I also like tweets. You can find me as @keeley in the Women in Tech Slack.

And if you happen to be running or biking somewhere in Portland, hit me up on Strava! I’m always open to a new running buddy.