Happy Monday! Thursday's Wieden+Kennedy event was a smashing success - we had great VR demos with Unity, an LED wearable workshop led by engineers of the Lodge team and a donut photo booth - where you could print and eat your own face. Thanks so much to the ladies of W+K and Women Who Code who made everything possible.
I've been thinking a lot recently about the difference between a junior developer and a senior developer. There's a variety of tangible and intangible qualities that make up both positions, but the hard skill that has me most curious is the quality of code.
Happy Monday! It's going to be a busy week this week - my father is coming to visit on Tuesday, I'm traveling to Seattle on business for Tuesday & Wednesday, and my birthday is on Thursday.
I've been using Express in almost all of my Node applications thus far,but for a recent project, I was asked to use a different framework - Koa. Then, in an open source project, we used yet another framework - Hapi.
Happy Monday! It's the holiday weekend (happy 4th, everyone), so I have a little extra time to play with code that I've been wanting to play around with for a while.
This weekend, I played around with Amazon Lambda. I've used AWS in the past (mainly S3), but had never tried Amazon's serverless solution, and wanted to see what it was capable of.
One of my first forays into code happened because I didn’t want to pay for airport wifi. It was Chicago, specifically, one of the last airports where Boingo still has a stronghold over the “first 30 minutes are free, all other minutes thereafter will be $50 each” airport internet market.
Happy Monday! I just got back from a nice week with the family; visiting my parents, brothers, sister and dog. It was a balmy 80* in Akron, and being greeted by 100+* weather here in PDX was far from welcome.
We have two pretty big things happening this week - the release of npm5 and the (finally!) release of Node 8.
Before I became a programmer, my previous life was in the agency world - specifically, in our agency's consulting division. Half of my job was managing projects and people as we crafted new branding and communcations plans; the other half was moderating workshops with executive teams.
Happy Monday! I'm writing this from Akron, OH, visiting my parents and family. Yesterday, my mom and I ran the Pro Football Hall of Fame half marathon for the fifth time - it was blazing hot and dustry, but we did pretty well.